Thursday, January 27, 2011

“One cannot lead another where one has not gone himself”…

The saying, “One cannot lead another where one has not gone himself” simply means that one has to walk the walk before they can talk the talk or better yet, practice what you preach. What good would it do me if I tell my kids not to eat store-bought potato chips because they are unhealthy; yet, I am secretly indulging in them? If anything, I am being a hypocrite for expecting my kids to do as I say without heeding my own advice. If I expect positive things to happen, then the change has to begin with me.

Oftentimes, doctors do not see or treat their patients as the unique, complex individuals they are with many parts to the whole. As such, they tend to think they know what is wrong just by looking at charts, asking a few questions, and analyzing symptoms. But, do they really know the person sitting before them? Are they really listening to or looking into the eyes of their patients to understand their thoughts, feelings, actions, etc.? After all, many diseases today stem from emotional distress and mental suffering so it only makes sense that in order to facilitate total healing, health practitioners should discover the art of self-transformation to establish good relationships with their patients in order to prevent needless suffering and premature illnesses.

That said, I believe that health professionals do have an obligation to their clients to develop self-health; physically, psychologically, and spiritually. If we claim that our purpose is to help others achieve health and wellness, then we should tend to ourselves first to establish whole health as we gain compassion, intimacy, empathy, and knowledge.

What I see for implementing psychological and spiritual growth in my personal life is foremost; getting back to church to establish a heartfelt connection with other believers and help my kids grow closer to the truth as opposed to what they are exposed to at school. Besides, I am tired of making excuses and feeling out of touch spiritually as I continue to fill the void with my school work and contemplative practices. Sure, I am gaining knowledge and somewhat attending to my inner health, but what good is that if my spirituality is neglected? What I observe is me striving for perfection and being too hard on myself, which frustrates me. Nonetheless, I am a trying to be aware and mindful of any negative thoughts, actions, and speech, which is helping me to be create a healthier me as I work toward improving my inner and outer life.


CharlesBell22 said...

Hello Allana,

I just wanted to thank you for your entry in the blog this week. The information that you provided in your blog was very original and I definitely enjoyed reading each concept. I can definitely tell that you have a passion for you blogs and you do a great job each and every week. I also believe that this statement may mean that an individual cannot have followers if that specific individual has not experienced it for themselves. An example that I would use would be sports. An individual that has never played sports or never been around sports cannot lead a team to a win or championship. That individual would have no idea what they are doing and would have no experience in the field. So in order for that individual to make an impact on a team and have their players become followers to them, they need that experience to challenge and motivate others.

I just wanted to thank you again for your blog and keep up the great work that you contribute to.

Diana Davis said...

Hi Allana,

What a great blog this week. Actually all the blogs you have been posting have always been inspiring to read. I'd like to thank you for sharing your honest experience and thoughts towards each blog. Having said that, I always look forward to reading your post and have been drawn to reading your post weekly. I believe you said it all in regards to "One cannot lead another where one has not gone himself". I couldn't have said better myself but Charles said it all, you surely do put alot of passion towards your weekly blogs. And you have certainly made a point that in order for one to talk one must walk the walk. I totally agree that in order to have followers or someone to follow one's foot steps, one must have experience it in order to share and relate it. So I thank you for putting all your passion and efforts towards each of your blogs. You truly are inspiring.

judy said...

Hi, Allana,

Your post really hits home. You sound like your life is almost like mine when I had children at home. I agree with the fact that doctor's should not treat just the diagnosis or symptom but also the whole person. They really need to dig to find out the stressors are in the person's life that could be causing the chronic pain, high blood pressure or constant infections.
I need to find a local church myself, but for now I have my internet church campus, that really keeps me going spiritually. I do my daily devotional readings and practice relaxation techniques. Of course, I am 50 years old and just really getting my self in shape, so don't wait as long as I did to get yourself together.

Great post......

Min said...

Hi Allana,
Great job on this weeks post. I like that you used the saying do not preach what you do not practice. It is so true. And just as you mentioned with your children, you cannot tell them not to eat something because it is unhealthy but then be eating it yourself, it does not work that way (plus they may catch you and then you must explain).

I also agree with you on how doctors may treat us. Sometimes I dread going because they don't get on my level and try to figure out what is really going on. They say oh you have a cough take this. I feel as though it is very cold and I am not being heard.

I think you give great reasoning behind why it is an obligation for health professionals to develop self-health, physically, psychologically, and spiritually. I agree if we want to help others we need to help ourselves first.

I understand what you are talking about, being to hard on yourself. Just the other day I was on lunch break with two friends and I told them how disappointed I was in myself because I am taking extra classes to graduate sooner and how I do not have 100's in each class but more like 98's and how it kills me. And they are like "well we are just happy to pass or have B's. I never realized how I am really truley my own worst critic and I stress over it. Boy do I need to take a step back and put my priorities in check. I know I need to work on my negative thoughts and to be easier on myself.
Great post!!

Hassel said...


What a great post this week, I too agree that you have to practice what you preach. As a Massage therapist, if I am not leading my clients by example, then what is the point in giving them homework or self work. I would never give my client advice if I had not tried and succeeded in it myself. Thanks for sharing your thoughts this week.