Sunday, December 19, 2010

Reflection Post

Hello everyone,

My experience with the Journey On Relaxation exercise helped me to create a sense of relaxation as I followed the guided suggestions. During the exercise, I found that I was able to use the power of suggestion to control my tense shoulders to become relaxed, which helped me to relax in the process. However, I envisioned a ray of warm light radiating from my abdomen up to my shoulders, and then down to my arms and hands. I can honestly say that my palms felt warm, however, I was not sure about the heaviness as I found that I could move my arms if I wanted to...but the relaxed feeling was comfortable, and I did not want to move my arms. I also noticed how calm my body felt; my breathing was deep and controlled as I focused on my breath and the guided suggestions. This exercise was beneficial to me as I have been experiencing some stress. I felt calmer and more relaxed afterward and was able to concentrate on my work.

The true test is when I try this exercise on my own without the soothing guided suggestions and calming music. I wonder if I would be able to recreate a similar experience simply by using my mind without music and guided suggestions to promote a sense of relaxation. Somehow I feel that it is possible as it is not really that difficult to promote a sense of relaxation. If you engage your brain to focus on deep breathing and awareness, you can clear your mind of distracting and disruptive thoughts. It does take some work; but it is possible. Other than that, focusing on warmth and heaviness was what worked for me as opposed to redirecting blood flow.


Jonathan said...

Thats awesome your were able to use the relaxation techniques so successfully your first time around the breathing from your stomach is a trip isn't it.

BrownSugazHealingHearts said...

First let me start off by saying WOW and way to go on pursuing your degree all while being a mom of four and a wife. That's lots on your plate :)

I also enjoyed this relaxation exercise. I found that it opened a door for me to further explore various relaxation exercises and techniques to help me manage everyday stress and fatigue. I found it amusing that you too envisioned something other than blood flow traveling from your stomach. I envisioned a river of crystal clear blue water instead of blood.

I also want to try doing this without the guided voice, so let me know how it works out for you.

Amanda said...

Relaxation exercises are really remarkable to experience. Many people do not take the time to give them a chance to work. Your blog is looking great, I am a vegetarian myself and looking forward to reading your posts!