Thursday, May 15, 2008

Is Organic Worth the Cost?

Believe it or not; sometimes it is! I know.... you're at at the store and the price of organic apples seem so outrageous compared to their conventional cousins. What to do? Bite your lip as you reach for the organic apples while deciding to scrimp on something else? Or, does it seem logical to go conventional and keep that savings in your pocket? Perhaps, organics is just not your thing, and you could not care less. (Why are you reading this?)

Truth be told, you will be saving some money in the long run while doing something good for yourself and the earth. Wait a minute, I'm in deep, let's back up a bit.....I guess for the most part you have to decide what is more important to you when it comes to buying organic. For me, the most important thing is the health of my family. It just does not make sense nor is it healthy to dump chemicals, which are known to be carcinogens, into their bodies.

Sure, I could save some money by purchasing conventional , but the more I read; the more I become aware of how my simple decision to reach for organic produce and products somehow makes a global tiny impact counts towards helping the preservation of the earth, reduction in the toxins being used, shrinking the landfills by recycling...oh my, the list goes on and on! That said, I may not be some leading expert or activist on global issues and the like, but I believe it is our duty to protect our earth as it will some day be inherited by our children and grandchildren.

Yes, it should matter. Back to the point of my post; I'd like to share some organic money saving tips with you; for the next time you find yourself asking, "Is organic worth the cost?"


Making the effort to buy organic products is a healthy choice, but it can have an undeniable impact on our budgets. To save you time, energy, and money, we offer the following tips for buying organic on a budget.

Comparison Shop. You may be able to find less-expensive alternatives at different stores. Many major chains are coming out with their own organic brands, such as O Organics™ at Safeway and ShopRite Organics at ShopRite.

Cook More. The more convenient the food is, the more expensive it is. For example, buying an organic frozen dinner may save you time in the same way a conventional frozen dinner would, but it costs quite a bit more than its non-organic counterpart and much more than a homemade meal. Buy organic items that are lower in price (such as produce), and make your own dishes from scratch.

(Our family is famous for this one; I guess that's why the kitchen is the heart of our home.)

Stock Up. Stock up on your favorite items when they go on sale. Or try something new that is on sale or is priced well, and you may find a new favorite!

(This helps a lot; especially when you have to buy food for 6 people.)

Buy in Bulk. Buying in bulk will keep costs down. Look for many pantry staples often available in bulk, such as beans, legumes, rice, flour, nuts, chocolate chips, and much more. Many local co-ops have extensive organic bulk sections.

(This is our Mode of Operation; it really helps!)

Organic Coupons. Keep an eye out in the Sunday paper and grocery circulars for coupons and, again, stock up to take best advantage of the savings!

(Join a local co-op, or shop at a local health food store. Some carry or circulate coupon booklets that can save quite a bit and have weekly sales that you can check out!)

Shop in Season. Shop farm stands and farmers’ markets for the freshest, most-delicious produce while supporting local farmers. Purchasing in season produce from your grocer may also keep costs down.

(This is the best way to go for fresh, seasonal produce; even better if it's locally grown.)

Be Selective. Decide to only purchase organic milk and produce. See the Environmental Working Group’s “dirty dozen” for the most-contaminated produce and tailor your decisions based on these.

For more information, click here to read a Shopper's Guide to the Dirty Dozen.

Eat With Friends. Last but not least, make it fun! Choose some like-minded friends and get together to each prepare an organic dish—a great way to add variety to your organic diet while keeping your own purchases down. Get together for a weekend potluck—or, during the week, arrange a food swap to minimize cooking and maximize eating organically.

Cheers to your health and well being!


carmen said...

i am not vegan...but i do enjoy organic seems to taste so much better, and i guess its worth the extra mpney.....

food4thought said...

I think this is an awesome blog! I can't wait to see what she writes about next!